Misuse of apostrophes and punctuation.

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Misuse of apostrophes and punctuation.

Post by Michael "Mike" Wells on Mon Jun 20, 2011 10:14 pm


I've been looking in some of you guys spelling and punctuation, and there's few mistakes that you should fix. I'm not forcing anyone to learn, it's an a friendly advice which could help you, and not only in LSRP.

Misues of apostrophes (thanks to Lucky Strike):

Lucky Strike wrote:It seems that a lot of people aren't able to correctly use apostrophes, so I'm hoping that this thread addresses the problem and helps clear out any doubts that some of you may have. I'll list some common mistakes that people make and correct them.

Error #1:

What're you gonna' do?
Where are ya'?

The apostrophe shouldn't be used in any of the highlighted words because no letters are being abbreviated. In the two cases presented above, you're only spelling those words how they're pronounced, you're not really omitting any letters, so there's no place for an apostrophe. The correct way of writing those two sentences above would be:

What're you gonna do?
Where are ya?

Error #2:

Ey' there.

The apostrophe used above should be placed in the beginning of the sentence, because the "H" is the letter being contracted in this case. You always place an apostrophe where the omitted letter(s) would be.

'Ey there.

Other examples:

In all of the words above, the apostrophe is used to indicate that there's one or more letters being omitted from them.

Error #3:

Hey yall'.

The apostrophe in the sentence above has been misplaced. "Y'all" is no more than the junction of the word "you" with the word "all". Again, you should use apostrophes only where the omitted letters would be.

Hey y'all.

Other examples:
Isn't (Is not)
Wouldn't (Would not)

Notice how the "o" is the letter being omitted above, and how the apostrophe's placed where that letter would normally be.

Edit by Raleigh:

A locational direction. For example "The police are raiding a house over there."

Describing a person's attributes or belongings. For example "The police raided their house last night."

Describing a single person's actions in conjunction with a verb. For example "They're going to angry when they find out their house was raided last night."

Note the apostrophe signals the abbreviation of the letter 'a' from "They are"


You need to end a sentence with (.) and to use (,) when you are taking a break. Example:
"Where's Michael?"
"I don't know, he might be in his house".

Caps lock:
"I don't know what you're talking about, i swear i don't. leave me alone dude".
"I don't know what you're talking about, I swear I don't. Leave me alone dude".


You should not use me like that:
/me Sprints towards...
You don't need to use Caps Lock on /me or /ame. Or if it's this situation:
/me sprints towards the door, bla bla bla bla. Then takes two steps...

Feel free to add and to comment.
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Re: Misuse of apostrophes and punctuation.

Post by Marvin Hale on Mon Jun 20, 2011 10:20 pm

Another common mistake I've noticed many times is "ya'll" instead of "y'all".

Marvin Hale
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Re: Misuse of apostrophes and punctuation.

Post by Jonathan "JJ" Jacobs on Tue Jun 21, 2011 1:00 am

the punctuantions are not that big of an issue compared to some players' basic english and grammar

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Re: Misuse of apostrophes and punctuation.

Post by Diamond "Hova" Taylor on Tue Jun 21, 2011 2:14 am

+1 Thank you for pointing this shit!
Diamond "Hova" Taylor
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Grammar - Fixing it up.

Post by Marvin Hale on Tue Jun 21, 2011 4:36 am

Carlito Vasquez wrote:Most of you have shit grammar, I'm going to be honest. I want all of you to actually learn a little, find out when " , " is used, " . " capitals and all that. Here's a example of a good /me;
/me picks up the bottle, taking a large sip.

There's no capitals when a /me is used. " , " is used when taking a break from a sentence; I woke up last night, god was it scary.

" . " is used when ending a sentence; I woke up last night.

You don't space and then use " , " in a middle of a sentence. Don't just say shit randomly, check google if you really want to know how its spelled. Not go all, " I vok up last najt. "

You seriously need to ease up on your English and grammar, read a book, a dictionary or whatever.

A correct way of using a /me;

/me approaches Angel, giving him a quick glance from head to toe, nodding firmly.

A correct way of using a sentence;

So last night I was walking right? And I go by my house and see a couple of random idiots tagging my shit.

Do not use capitals after a " , ".

Use capitals "I's".


Angel "Trippy" Navas wrote:dieing - DYING
trieing - TRYING
tieing - TYING

I've seen similar mistakes happen, occasionally with high rank members too - (Then mixed with Than) (Allways instead of Always) (Bladness instead of Baldness) (Appearantly instead of Apparently) (Rhims instead of Rims) (On mixed with In) More details below.

Then is used when saying a continuing form in a sentence, for example.. I drove with my car, then I saw a Locote.
Than is used when comparing something, for example.. I am far better than you at driving.

Allways is not the proper way of spelling, two consonants together doesn't work. Use Always

Usage of IN:
PLACE - I live in Glen Park. (But I live AT 54th Street |Use AT with addresses|)
TIME - I'll be there in five minutes.
MANNER - He moaned there alone in pain.
REFERENCE - In my opinion, Carlo's house sucks.

Usage of ON:
PLACE - He sat on the chair, looking above at the cloudy skies.
TIME - She was delusional on that occasion.
REFERENCE - Jay732 asked my opinion, on who should we promote.
CONDITION - Alfonso was high on drugs when he found out about his house.

"I put the car into the garage" (it was outside but now it is inside)
"Carlo jumped onto the backseat" (Carlo was on the floor but is now on the backseat)

"at" is used to state locations.
"I am at El Corona right now."
"I live at Glen Park."

"at" can also be used with time.
"let's meet up at 5 o'clock".

ON + TO = onto: signifies movement toward a surface. Example: Carlo's body washed up onto the shore.

IN + TO = into: signifies movement toward the interior of a volume. Example: The penis went straight into her mouth.


Roberto "Shorty" Duenas wrote:There's a large variation of how ones character can speak, therefore not all grammar rules apply IC because most of our characters are uneducated, although the correct spelling and punctuation does.

"I didn't tell you to do that" could easily be said as "I ain't tell you to do 'dat" for extra ghetto points.

"So, I go by my house..." during a story is also correct, once again due to lack of education.

Marvin Hale
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Re: Misuse of apostrophes and punctuation.

Post by Dylan "D" Barlow on Tue Jul 12, 2011 9:06 pm

Woah, nice post, some parts helped me :>

Dylan "D" Barlow
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Re: Misuse of apostrophes and punctuation.

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