Before posting for /inactivity/ read this!

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Before posting for /inactivity/ read this! Empty Before posting for /inactivity/ read this!

Post by Michael "Mike" Wells on Sun Jun 19, 2011 3:08 am

Hello. Instead of creating a topic for four days of being inactive for example, and you need to go for one/two days or more, each member will simply create a topic for himself, and he will reply on his post on every time that he's going inactive for one day or more (you don't have to announce it if it's for one/two days, it's only if you wish to) with this code:

[b]Will be gone from:[/b]
[b]Will be back at:[/b]

The title must be like that (if it's for inactivity):
[Inactivity thread] Michael Wells

Thank you.
Michael "Mike" Wells

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