Creating and joining roleplay.

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Creating and joining roleplay. Empty Creating and joining roleplay.

Post by Michael "Mike" Wells on Fri Jun 24, 2011 10:09 pm

It was originally posted by me in Kilo Block's private usergroup forum just before we got descripted. There's some spelling mistakes here and there probably because it was edited by several people.. Take it in mind and don't be afraid to use it!

To avoid getting descripted - always provide good roleplay and events. True fact, but that dosen't means that you shouldn't even when you're not in description danger. You can always share what ever you think it's fun, and even create the event and offer people to join you IC'ly. Everybody earns from it. Don't be afraid to try out your ideas.

Recently I've been reading /f messages with everyone's opinions. After that, I did agree with everyone. Me and Terrance decided to make fun events and roleplay with everyone. I've been personally in situations, everyone are at the block (Sixth or W-Block), talking for five minutes and then AFK for five minutes, and honestly, conversations are boring after some time, and you're looking for something unusual.

Dog's fights:

If you take the barbecue event for example, you need to repat the /do with the information one hundred times to make people understand where's the IC objects at (tables and such). Same thing in dog's fights, you need to describe properly where's the dogs fighting at, and where are they standing at the moment. You could find certain places to make this kind of roleplay at. For example this place next to the skate park:

Creating and joining roleplay. Samp864w

You could describe where's the IC characters easily, and the individuals in the roleplay can stand above the box. You can choose how to roleplay the fight, usually, people are gambling in dog's fights to win an amount of money. An example how to roleplay it:
You ask Michael (the owner of the second dog) to choose, Heads or Tails. You did /coin, the coin said 'Heads'. Then Michael is the first guy to use /do; "Michael's dog sprints towards Terrance's dog, he jumps on him and then he powerfully attempts to bite his right ear". Then Michael uses /coin (Heads = success). If Michael gets Heads, he should use /do again; "Michael's dog manages to bite the right ear of Terrance's dog".

BMX events:

Instead of bunny hopping with yourself on your BMX, you could abuse it to something fun. The skate park could be fun now. Get everyone to the skate park, and tell them to get their BMX. And for those who dosen't have a BMX, they could bring their vehicles to make it look nicer. Buy a boombox, make it look nice.

Creating and joining roleplay. Samp865

You could always call Ryder Blocc to join the event aswell, to have more people in the event. The combination of the music and the vehicles could be fun, abuse it to have fun.

Rapping contest:

For those who've been in the time when we had gates for Defson's parking lot, we sometimes used to have a rapping contest.

Creating and joining roleplay. Samp867g

You basiclly make a big circle of people, and the participants are in the middle. A circle of vehicles could work too. Again - you have the boombox option, which makes the event more realistic, because rapping without music sounds stupid and boring.

Gym and building your body:

Recently, someone has transferd his gym to the Alcohole store. You don't have to go to Ganton's gym or to El Corona's gym to fight with your rivals.

Creating and joining roleplay. Samp868

You could call everyone in the gym, make a fight club, tell them that they need to work out. If you go to fight someone when you are weak, you'll probably lose. Same thing in brawls, if you are weak, you lose. Roleplay that you work out, also, develope your character by that. Don't roleplay that you're a muscular without even training IC'ly.

Creating and joining roleplay. Samp871

Going to rolepaly in the gym is always fun. Roleplaying with yourself that you work out is totally boring, but if you have people in there, it's always fun, so don't worry about it, try it out.

Mall and styling:

Nowdays people are bored to hang out on the streets and at home only. They like to go out. And also, they especially like how they look. You can take some friends with you, go to the mall, roleplay with /me that you enter the stores. Remember, you DON'T need MONEY to visit the mall. People are usually trying out the things at the mall, the clothes, the games, and all that stuff.

Creating and joining roleplay. Samp872

You could also roleplay that you enter into Ice-Cream shop, buy yourself something to eat.
And also something that you should always enter when you're at the mall is the clothing shop.

Creating and joining roleplay. Samp873i

You have VISIBLE objects in the store, why wouldn't you abuse it for your roleplay? Roleplay that you buy clothes, that you try out clothes at the store to see how they look on you, you could also develope your character by that.

Pizza Stack, Cluckin' Bell, and anything else:

You have nice interiors to go to for your food roleplay such as Pizza Stack and Cluckin' Bell. Being IC'ly fat is just like being a muscular. If you don't work out, how do you expect to be one? Same thing here; You need to actually eat junk food (or alot of food) to be fat, and don't just be randomly fat.

Creating and joining roleplay. Samp875

If you are tired of the hood area, you could easily go to Pizza Stack with some friends. I've tried it out, when you go with a crowd inside the business, people are always coming to join the roleplay. I have already stated the reason before, if you do something alone, it's not fun. They see people going in the business, they come aswell.

Creating and joining roleplay. Samp876

Or just go to Cluckin' Bell. The East side Cluckin' Bell is close to Sixth and to Washington Block, and it has a perfect interior. You don't have to enter the Cluckin' Bell on this case, you could use your vehicle to drive next to the window and roleplay that you order via the microphone.

Block parties:

Fully populated block parties with a boombox are always fun. Use your cellphone, call everyone from Kilo Block, including outsiders, call Ryder Blocc, your friends, everyone. Send some outsiders to buy beers and food.

Creating and joining roleplay. Samp828

Don't forget to use /me, /ame, and /do while being in a block party. Using /dance at some point is boring. IC'ly your character is not dancing like a robot.

They are Mexicans on the video but it's the same shit, they are humans obviously. Look how they look at the detectives (they don't know that they are detectives, they are just randoms for them). They look at them like they are aliens or something. I've seen so many random people joining our block parties. Tell them to fuck off, make it look more realistic. Also, you could see in the back how people are dancing, drinking, and such.

Hood stories:

This is something that I remember since my very first days on Kilo. Pain used to tell how Kilo Block started. You don't need any skills of a proffesional roleplayer to drag the attention to you and to tell your story in Kilo.

Creating and joining roleplay. Samp882

Also, you don't have to be an old member to tell your story. An Associate could tell how he got associated, and a brown light can tell all his way to it. The time in your faction can only add more situations in your story, in my case if I go 15-17 months back, and I attempt to remember what happened. And yes, even though that it's a long time, I still remember most of the things, the important things mainly. You could do this even if you are two weeks old, and personally from my side, it's fun to hear stories of the other members.

These events are fun, and they always drag people into them. Don't be afraid to create it, even if you are a Goon or an Associate. And you are basiclly meant to have fun, and don't do that "For Kilo". As a roleplayer you should not be afraid of creating roleplay and big events, from my past experience with people, PM me and i'll tell you some stories about people who've done big events and they were a low ranked members in that time.

Edited by iHustle.

Creating and joining roleplay. Uptlogo
The credits go to Pirata & Kazzy and Rain.

* Get on your corner, or if you aren't working in a drug crew yet, pick a corner somewhere else and go sell drugs.

* Cruise in your car with a few friends, could bring up some nice roleplay on the way

* Drink a beer in your hood, hang around with a cigar or something(although there aren't any bars nearby, you can still rp one)

* Break into a house with a few friends, steal some tv's and stuff

* Get your own style, if you're good in rhymes, build your way up to a proffesional

* Your interested in painting? Tag your way up

* Are you interested in painting, but don't want to use these spraycans? Start a tattoo shop

* You love beautiful cars? Pimp your car and show your car to the homeboys, use these hydraulics!!

* You love fast cars? Tune your car and call your homies, start streetracing!!

* You love chicks ? Go around town/hood with a few homies and search them, get a hit on them

* ^ The one above, you look like a real cute boy, but you ain't? Pimp these ladies, let them make you some cash!

* Don't need money, but you need roleplay? Call your homies, meet them and rob a store (don't forget to call 911 with the alarm in the middle of the robbery)

* Like food? Start up a BBQ, or get you and your homies some food!

* Like drugs? Share your weed with your homies, get high!

* Like basketball? Go and buy yourself a ball at the 24/7, and start a match with your homies

* Like liquour? Get yourself some beers and get drunk with your homies

* You think you are so tough? Start up a hoodfight and bet on your homies

* Is it hot? Ask your homies if they are going to the beach with you, enjoy the sun

Rain: We could also use the drug store as a crack den, since it's just an ooc feature to us we might use it for some extra-rp like cooking crack/coke, cutting crack and placing them in dimebags, because we arent getting them from a tree, right?

- Weight-lifting
** I hate seeing people who do "/do I am 800 pounds ((312313 Kg)) of muscle, and 5'8". I'm ripped and R so cool." It's gay and nub. If you're muscular, RP going to the gym and working out. Unless your character is fresh out've prison or some shit, most gangsters aren't naturally jacked. RP going to the gym and working out. **
Btw T-Rex, i heard you was going to buy a gym, so it would be easy if we had a gym in the hood.

- Low Low's
** I love these events. People get their sweet gangster cars, get it all pimped out with hydraulics, put sweet rims and paints on, and sound systems on, and BLAM you have a slammin' time. We could even RP building the cars up in defson parking lot, Then, when you're all built up, you drive your cars around Los Santos "hittin' switches" until you all rest up somewhere like a gas station and have some bumpin' good shit. Plus it's a great way to get noticed around the map. **

- Dog fights
** Not one of my favorites, as I like keeping my dogs as companions, not tools. However, these are fun as fuck. You RP buying dogs, training them to be mean (Which can be a long-time RPing process, =]) and then fight 'em against the other guys' dog. It's a spam-fest of /do's, but it's also an opportunity for betting and competing amongst eachother.**

- House Robberies
** Not as fun, as there's not a whole lot of PvP action, and it isn't as fun when the houses remain locked and you have to /re for an admin to open it, however... You can jack cars, get vans, and RP stealing and selling their stereos and shit. Just something to do. **

- Partying/drinking
** I personally love RPing a drunk clown. Making "Packie runs" and getting beers/alcohol and trashing shit is funna' as hella'. When you're bored, grab a drink and get toasty. After all, alcohol is social and RP lubricant.**

- Tagging
** We have spraycans for a reason, and they're hella-fun to use for spraying cars and shit, but I don't see enough tagging up around Los Santos. RP it, and if you don't have the tools necessary/cba to do it up and put it into City Hall, then PM someone good at photoshop and we'll put it up for you. It's fun, can take a while, and sends a message to other gangs, just as it's done in RL. Plus, getting caught by the cops/other gangs can lead to longer RP events, which is also hella-fun. **

- Fights/Fight Clubs
** This can go along with training at the gym, where you train your fighting skills. Fights are a great way to earn respect in the clicka, as well as show what you're truly made of. Also, it helps us for brawls. I've seen a few around, but there should be more because it is teh fun knocking the shit out of people. **

- Rap Battle/Street cyphering
** It's a way to gain respect amongst the clicka, just like fighting, and can be hella fun/start beefs with other members. On top of this, we could start up a record company or some shit, and lay down tracks/get on SAN. Speaking of San...**

- Gang Documentaries
** PM a SAN member, ask him to do a documentary and roll through the hood or something. Discretely, masked and very hush hush, give the SAN member an interview to let Los Santos know about the click you represent, without giving any real information. Harass him, take his camera, make him prove his trust before /live-ing. Do it up, it can be fun/great RP, and it gets your name, and your set's name out there.**

- Gun Dealing/Drug Dealing/Usage
** Do some research, find out about gun. When dealing or finalizing a gun, go through the steps, or at least make a macro. This includes assembling the slide and recoil spring and slide catch and barrel, and making it all fit on, making sure everything works, blah blah. As for drugs, research your drugs, figure out how they make you feel IRL, RP cutting up crack, or cooking your heroine or what have you. Make it more fun/RPly**

- Food/Gang dinners
** EAT WITH YOUR HOMIES! Have some outsider fag cook the gang a home-cooked meal, then eat it. After that, start shitting on the toilet. It's fun, and causes lulz. Eating, like drinking, is another social lubricant. We all know you dry pussies could use some lube. Grab a plate and eat with your homies.**

- Outsider Stunts
** Make outsiders do outrageous things for you, like... Run around the barrio three times, and don't come back until your balls have sweat off. Or go run down into the sewer, then try to pick up a chick, or whatever. Speaking of chicks...**

- Gang Rapes
** It's only gay if dicks touch, so find some bitch and rape her ((With permission, ofc)). It's fun as fuck, and it can also cause gainage of respect, or disrespect in the crew. Plus you horny little bastards could use some action. Y'allz so uptight, you need to get pussy from somewhere**

- Tattoos/Inking
** This is possibly one of the most important parts of any gang: Their tattoos. However, most of you seem to magically appear tattoos on your body. That's fecking WoWzorz! Make an outsider become an artist, be an artist yourself, or at least RP getting tattoos and a tattoo parlour. It can be fun, it can include others, and it can make you gain/lose respect, so do it up.**

- Deceased Vato Commemoration
** This could be where we take randomers and ragged vatos alike and go visit areas where fellow deceased carnale or honorable vatos have died. This could include lots of RP such as buying coronas and pouring half out for homies, or throwing shoes onto telephone lines to signify that someone's died on that street. Now, I'm not sure how many CKed/ honorable vatos you've had that have died, but we could even just bullshit it, or make it a monthly thing, idfk.**

- Spit Style Meeting
** I thought about this went thinking of rap battles. The gang could gather up into a meeting and express their beefs, OR their appreciation from/for another vato. It could be fun RP, could be revealing, and could start beefs. I bring this up mostly because a lot of the randomers and other ragged vatos don't speak their mind, and it could be healthy to bring beefs out into the open, instead of letting them fester into deadly shit. **

- Music Videos
** I see it more from other gangs, especially Locotes. It's pretty self explanatory, and the only thing needed really is someone with FRAPS and maybe a video editing program.

- Houses/headquarter
** We should RP inside the houses more, hang out, watch might be boring, but still better than standing like bots outside. guys should be dead already by calculating how much time have you spent in this polluted air.


Nothing was changed or edited, Aline PM'ed me with the tutorial and I decided to keep it as it is.

- Marcus Wells (Michael Wells)
- iHustle
- Kazzy
- Rain
- Pirata

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Creating and joining roleplay. Empty Re: Creating and joining roleplay.

Post by Keenan Thompson on Fri Jun 24, 2011 10:16 pm

VERY WELL written Mike. People gotta log in and create roleplay, not just wait till there are 10 members

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Creating and joining roleplay. Empty Re: Creating and joining roleplay.

Post by Tavion Wells on Mon Jul 04, 2011 8:33 pm

Keenan Thompson wrote:VERY WELL written Mike. People gotta log in and create roleplay, not just wait till there are 10 members

Nice, Mike. Had to take you about 5hours to complete this shit lol.
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Creating and joining roleplay. Empty Re: Creating and joining roleplay.

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