*Scrolling through the TV channels* - ((UPDATED))

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*Scrolling through the TV channels* - ((UPDATED)) Empty *Scrolling through the TV channels* - ((UPDATED))

Post by Kevin "K-Loc'' Maurice on Fri Aug 12, 2011 10:53 pm

*While going through the TV channels, you would notice Kevin's picture on the local news

*Scrolling through the TV channels* - ((UPDATED)) YOGOTTIMUGSHOT
Kevin Maurice's latest mugshot on 07/31/2011

*Scrolling through the TV channels* - ((UPDATED)) News%20caster%20middle%20finger

Known gang member of the notorious Washington Block Families along with the recent taken down Uptown Kilo Block organization was arrested a few days ago. Prior to his arrest Mr. Maurice had outstanding charges for attempted murder and massive distribution of narcotic drugs, Mr. Maurice had a ounce of marijauna in his Black Huntley along with a small USP .45 in his possession on hand. The charges of attempted murder were dropped due to lack of evidence. The other three charges were kept on Kevin Maurice and he is now serving a year and a half in prison for the charges and is waiting trial. Kevin Maurice may be able to receive probation on the 30th of this month if the attempted murder charge is dropped.


*Scrolling through the TV channels* - ((UPDATED)) Anastos

Gang-banger Kevin Maurice has now been sentenced for three years by the San Andreas Judge for the possession of a loaded firearm, distribution of narcotics, and attempted murder on a Los Santos resident- His name or picture will not be showed for his protection- Mr. Maurice has been visited by known WBF (Washington Block Families) gang members and is suspected to be still affiliated and calling shots while incarcerated- this story may be followed up at a later note, this is Robert Jennings signing out have a good day Los Santos- God Speed.

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Kevin "K-Loc" Maurice - WBF Lieutenant - Currently serving three years in the LV High Fatality Prison for outstanding charges, still holding it down for Washington Block Families to the fullest.

*Scrolling through the TV channels* - ((UPDATED)) 7708926978a6a09436f9752c6457884551
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*Scrolling through the TV channels* - ((UPDATED)) Empty Re: *Scrolling through the TV channels* - ((UPDATED))

Post by Dwayne "Flex" Douglas on Fri Aug 12, 2011 11:04 pm

**Dwayne goes to the AD center* "FREE MY NIGGA KEV"

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