Latrell Brown

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Latrell Brown

Post by Reshawn "Pang" Stacks on Tue Jul 12, 2011 10:25 am

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-Full name: Latrell Jamal Brown;
-Alias: Grief;
-Age: Seventeen years old;
-Date of birth: November 6th 1993;
-Hometown: Idlewood, Los Santos, USA;
-Current Residence: Jefferson, Los Santos, San Andreas;
-Status: Chilling my own way around the Washington Block;
-Education: Principal Los Santos primary College, expelled. (Frequent thefts with firearms)

-Crew: - ;
-Cash: Enough to stay alive;
-Vehicles: N/A;
-Medical information: N/A;
-Weapons: Bat hidden in his rent house;
-Affiliation: Washington Block Families ;
-Arrest record:
- Was put in Los Santos Juvenille Center, 2003. (Possession of drugs)
- Was put in Los Santos Juvenille Center, 2008. (Possession of drugs)

-Loves: His family, most of his friends;
-Likes: Basketball, tagging, fight club, working out, dogs, chilling with his friends, sport cars, shoes, cash, womans, sneakers, rap music, phones, food, drinks, being respected & weed;
-Dislikes: Fake people, bitches, liars, acids, bad singers;
-Hates: Disrespectful, being lied to, heavy drugs, most of the mexicans, back chat, kiss assers, police, idiots, crackheads and snitches;
-Personality: Silent and quiet, agressive sometimes;
-Respects: "I'll tell you somethin' playa, people who show me respect, those have my respect";
-Most hated: None.

-Occupation: Mechanic, drug dealing, burger shoot employee (Saturdays);
-Clothes: Old cap, dark shirt, urban pants, dark sunglasses, white hi-tops;
-Body: Thin;
-Jewerly: Robbed silver watch on his left hand;
-Tattoos: - ;
-Quote: "Who gives a fuck? No one."

-Ethnicity: Afro-American;
-Eye color: Brown;
-Hair cut: Rasta;
-Height: 5'8;
-Weight: 114 pounds;
-Hair color: Black;
-Phone number: 1102848.
-Adress: Washington Block 71th.
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Re: Latrell Brown

Post by Shaker ''Slim'' Malphurs on Tue Jul 26, 2011 5:07 am

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